Clothing production

Clothes can be made after signing with Silver Dune in each village or on the outskirts.
If you want to make pretty clothes, please come with Dino.

Dino level cloth
Level 1 Sleeveless cotton vest sleeveless necktie shirt
pocket adornment active wear
short sleeve vest shirt
wing sleeveless jacket
Level 2 Knee wedge pants
asymmetrical wavy skirt
belt decoration 7 pants
adventurer skirt
thin striped pants beginner
traveler shorts
Level 3 Leather Ribbon Gloves
Silk Gloves
Leather Gloves Leather Band Hand Toshi
Ribbon Decorative Leather Gloves
4th level Square pattern loafers
Sandals for work
4 button ankle boots
adventurer boots
casual leather shoes
twisted metal heel
Level 5 Feathered Ornamented Round Hats
Dyed Patterned Hooded
Adventurer’s Hat
Furry Drops Decoration Hat
6th level Sleeveless Hooded T-shirt
7th level Cargo pants
belt shorts
8th level Metal Overlap Leather Gloves
Knit Combination Gauntlets
9th level Stitch point cotton boots
leg armor
10th level Metal Decoration Suits Coats
Backpacks Decorative Zipper Jumper
Level 11 Double-line pleated skirt with fabric
Level 12 Ankle boots
ankle strap sneakers


How to make clothes

After signing with Dino, put it in the trick set (shortcut L) and summon it.
When you reach the summoned Dino, the dialogue (hotkey F) button is activated and you can check the production list.