You can acquire a variety of material items by collecting animals, plants, and minerals that can be found in towns and fields.
You can acquire various quest materials, cooking materials, Kirana contract materials and materials, so if you have found the collection, you should not just go over and collect it.


Collection method

When you approach the Collectable Animals / Plants / Minerals, the Collecting Hotkey (F) appears.


Pressing the shortcut key (F) will bring up the appropriate tool for the object to be collected and the collected
item will be displayed with the icon and name at the bottom right of the screen.


Collection of appearance by area


In the village, collecting sheep, chickens, and tame kuyo are possible.


Outer Esen Outside Igrane Cain Dell Outskirts Cold field Snowfield
cabbageBlueberriesEmerald lode pumpkintomatoRuby lode mushroomonionAmethyst mushroomonionAmethystCopper vein mushroomonionAmethystCopper vein


Grassland A frozen lake Akasha General Assembly Sky route Spore forest
cabbageBlueberriesThick sackEmerald lodeCopper veinThe vein mushroomonionThick sackAmethystCopper veinThe vein pumpkintomatoThick sackRuby lodeCopper veinThe vein pumpkintomatoRuby lodeCopper vein Thick sackGold oreWild Coo


Available Items
Kinds Collection Acquisition result
plant Blueberries Blueberry, temperate plant fiber
cabbage Cabbage, temperate plant fiber
mushroom Mushroom, cold vegetable fiber
onion Onion, cold vegetable fiber
pumpkin Pumpkin, sky vegetable fiber
tomato Tomatoes, sky vegetable fiber
Mineral Emerald lode Emerald stone, stone carving, glitter powder
Amethyst Amethyst gemstone, stone carving, glitter powder
Ruby lode Ruby ore, Stone carvings, Glitter powder
Copper vein Copper stone, stone carving, glitter powder
The vein Silver stones, crystal crystals, glitter powder
Gold ore Gold ore, Crystal crystals, Glitter powder
Animals and other amount fleece
chicken Eggs, light feathers, colorful feathers
Tame Koo Coo’s hair
Wild Coo Whole meat
Thick sack flour