Kirinas are a race created by the god of chaos, Akasha
They have different form, attributes and talents depending on which tribe they belong to.
There are some Kirinas that are hostile towards humans but also those who live alongside humans.

The Kirinas who side with humans are valuable allies. They replace the class, skill, gear and most other types of items of other games.
Recruit various Kirinas with different abilities to create your own formation and strategy to fight enemies.


  • Kirana has a wide variety of shapes and different tricks (= skill).
  • In addition to regular attacks, there are also Kirana that do status(cold, etc) attacks or debuff the enemies, and
    Kirana that restores HP.
  • In addition, the contractor can turn into a Kira or an outer shape, fight with Kirana’s stats,
    or create food / clothing in addition to combat, or change a feature.
Kirana type

In the Pioneer test, you can meet 75 different Kirana in addition to the three patron/guardian kiranas, so please contract with Kiranas to experience various activities in the world of Peria.

The Guardian Kiranas

This is a special existence sworn to protect humans. It is selected when first entering the world of
Pelia, and provides various information to help life in Pelia.

Pioneer who can choose one of the three patron Kira or down,
depending on the selected patron Kira my class started the town will also be different.

The character can use attack (shortcut key E) and end effect (shortcut key Q) by borrowing the power of the guardian Kira, and it will be affected by the health (HP) and attributes (ability) of the guardian Kira.

In addition to the first selected guardian, you can also sign up for another guardian through gameplay, so try playing with another guardian.
In this Pioneer test, you can raise them up to level 30.

The three guardian kiranas you can select upon creating a character(they also decide your starting town):


property   neck
Battle style   Close-combat
Basic (E key)   Inflicts damage on nearby enemies by wielding Rinka’s staff.
Ignore the enemy’s additional shield.
The ultimate (Q key)   Continuously restores the health of allies around Rinka.
buff   Summoned Kirana’s health and skill abilities will increase.
Start Village   Esen



property   anger
Battle style   Distance
Basic (E key)   It gives damage to enemies by shooting fireballs.
The ultimate (Q key)   Causes a massive explosion, causing
fatal damage to all targets within the radius .
buff   I will increase my strength and protection ability.
Start Village   Irgrain



property   gold
Battle style   Near
Basic (E key)   He hits nearby enemies with their fists and gives damage.
The ultimate (Q key)   Gives the   player a reflex state for invincible status and a single attack for a certain amount of time .
buff   Weapon, Transformation Kirana’s strength, protection ability increases.
Start Village   Cindel


Kirana Relationship

The Guardian I will guide you through many tips and Kirana’s to help you play the game.
Right-click the mouse to talk, and you can also get a lot of information through the conversation.

Kirana locations

You can acquire the Kirana’s soul at a certain probability when you deal with Kirana in the following area, and you can contract with the soul with the contract material.

Level stand Area Emergency Kirana
Level 1 to 10 Outer Esen Pheny, Dian, Methon, Mogmog, Tree, Laban To, Lakia
Level 1 to 7 Cain Dell Outskirts Sirika, Zumudal, Lai pesa, Cesar Lem, Svaki, Leogar
Level 1 ~ 6 Outside Igrane Pagi, Reheim, Riesling, Hiasaka, Manel
Level 4 ~ 6 Sky route Seqeed, Gatul, Gould Bourke
Level 4 ~ 6 Snowfield Tsunaki, Nakokoura
Level 4 ~ 8 Cold field Leogar, Suvaki, Dian, Istina, Nachofora, Haltail
Level 10 Blood Stone Dungeon Faya, Teveron, Tangarebi
Level 10 Forgotten Forest Dungeon Tsunaki, Samatta, Haranthusa
Level 10 Public Island Dungeon Kinain, Uffi, Pieni, Lugram
Level 10 ~ 14 Akasha General Assembly Badkiris, Dave, Kelber, Manel
Level 11 ~ 14 Grassland Daph, Gould Burke, Cretan, Galandra, Laban To, Methon
Level 12 ~ 15 Frozen lake Istina, Tsunaki, Samata, and Saruhan
Level 15 Desert of oblivion (crack area) Pampton, Tartan, Chelsea, Mukabe
Level 15 Ice Cave Treasures (cracked area) Lucille, Dysley, Sisk, Akkum
Level 15 Island that can not cross (crack area) Nathan, Dilatron, Burke
18 levels Spore forest Galanto, Piani, Nettia, Pascal


Other tutorials, quests, treasure chests are available as follows:


Kirana Acquisition method
Raj Shil TOMINIA Tutorial
Tetzbull Igraine Quest
Shuukan Quest outside Igrane
Peaks Eren Quest
Rotas Eren Quest
Fujang Quest Esen Ranks
Draug Cindel Quest
Omarim Cindel Quest
Feng Draw Cindel Quest
Tunga Arcia Quest
Tug Arcia Quest
Bark Toy Factory
Show Toy Factory
Natura Round and Dungeons (Dungeons in the Crack Region)
Dipetal Mask Dungeon (Dungeon in the crack area)
Lumby Crack region treasure chest
Yorah Crack region treasure chest
Midafu Crack region
The Dino, Quests within each village