Interface (UI)

On-screen menu

Item Introduce
menu The icon of the menu required for game play.
When clicked, the corresponding menu is activated.
Protector Kirana You will be informed of the strength, experience, and level information of the currently used guardian Kira, and the basic / ultimate / control keys of the Kira or Operation menu.
I will continue to provide useful information to returnees, so please do not miss them.
If you want to have a genuine conversation, right click on the guardian and talk to him.
Trick set You can see Kira balls put in a trick set.
You can use Kirana’s tricks with the number keys.
aura It is the energy used to summon Kirana.
Auras are given 7 basic spaces, used during summoning, and automatically recovered 1 space every 3 seconds.
The number of aura that is used to summon each Kirana is different.
When summoned by Kirana, the number of Aura is decreased by 1 for the time that Kira is present.
If you summoned 2 objects, 2 spaces are reduced.
Chat window This is a window where you can enter and view chats.
You can also check the system message and the patrol key message, and you can send a whisper to another Pioneer.
At the bottom left of the chat window, there is a menu that allows you to perform emotional expressions.
quest Quests in progress will be announced.
If you click on the quest, you will be able to ‘track’ and guide you to your destination on the map.
Minimap A mini-map of the current zone will be displayed.
The mini-map displays information about objects that exist in the zone, such as portal location, enemy location, and NPC location.
Location information You will be guided to the current zone and channel.
Target information Information about the selected target will be displayed.
Target’s name and health information are displayed.
Game menu
menu Shortcuts Introduce
P You can see basic information of my character.
I The information of the item and the item which it possesses is displayed and can be used, destroyed, and placed.
All / Food / Costume / Tools / Kirana Horn / Decoration / Other menu.
(TIP), you’ll be guided through these articles. Assembly is not yet supported.
K You can see the contracted Kirana list and Kirana’s details.
It is divided by each property, and the ability and basic information are displayed.
Kirana growth can also be accessed from this menu, and you can change the name by clicking ‘Edit’ next to the name.
Awakening / Breaking / Decorating is not yet supported.
The acquired Kirinna ‘s soul can be contracted in the town of Arcia.
L You can include or exclude a contracted Kirana in a trick set.
You can summon and use Kirana in the trick set.
You can put 1 object, 7 general objects, and up to 5 sets of decks.
B You can see Kirana’s information that you have contracted or encountered.
It is possible to distinguish by property.
V You can see the quest information related to the town.
The quest information related to the NPC, the surrounding area, and the dungeon are displayed in the village, so you can find and proceed with quests you want.
You have to register the village first, and you can proceed with the other quests provided by the residents.
G Bring up a web page where you can see the information you need to play.
M A map of the area in which you are located is opened, and pressing the Ctrl key will switch to the world map.
System menu

menu Introduce
Character selection Go to character selection screen.
Preferences Adjust graphics / sound options, and guide you through video and screen shots.

■ Screenshots / Video Capture

Currently in-game screen shots & video capture capabilities are only available with nVidia video cards, as they use GeForce Experience.
When using other products, please use Windows’ own functions or external tools.

Item Shortcuts function
Hide UI Ctrl + F7 The UI of the screen is obscured and it becomes easy to shoot.
screenshot Ctrl + F8 Take a screenshot of the current screen.
Video recording F8 Shoots the current screen for about 10 seconds.
Screenshots / Views Click [View image] Highlights of GeForce Experience are activated, and you can view your images and screenshots. If you click ‘Save to Gallery’, it will be saved in the specified folder of my PC. If you do not specify a path, it will be saved in Video> Peria Chronicles.
Clear screen shot / image Click [Clear All Images] All the screenshots and footage saved in the GeForce Experience highlights will be deleted.

■ Specification Option Adjustment If 
driving is not smooth, select the “Low” environment or adjust all the numbers to the lowest number to make it easier to play.

game over End the game.
Suho Kirana Information

I am a special partner of the player, who is a special person who swore to protect human beings.
My character is able to borrow my strength and execute basic and ultimate tricks, and will be affected by stamina, damage, recovery, and other abilities.
You can choose when you start the game, and then you can make additional contracts during gameplay.
In order to sign a contract with a general, you must have signed a contract with me.

menu Introduce
Protector Kirana The body of the currently selected patron Kirana is located.
script My ambassador will be displayed.
I often pass on information that helps with the game.
If you right-click on the guardian, you can have more conversations.
Key operation key You will be guided through the tricks of the guardian kiln and the operation keys required for general Kirana control.
The operation keys appear only when there is a summoned key.

icon Operation keys function
E key The basic unit of the guardian Kirana is activated.
Q key The ultimate weapon of the guardian Kirana is activated.
You can activate it when you have filled the ultimate gauge.
Z key With a normal key or control key,
you are commanded to aim at a specific target and attack in a concentrated manner.
X key With a normal key or control key,
command the summoned Kira to collect.
C key Retrieve
all summoned creases with normal or control keys .
Information I will show my Level / My Character Name / Stamina / EXP (EXP) information.
Quest menu

Quests in progress are displayed on the right side of the game screen, and icons are displayed on the heads of the villagers and NPCs involved in the quest.
You can win a quest through a conversation.

Quests are marked with the following icons according to their nature.

icon Contents
This is a quest that can only be done once.
Quests that can be ordered are exclamation marks, and quests that can be completed satisfying the conditions are displayed with a check icon.
It is a recurring quest.
Quests that can be ordered are exclamation marks, and quests that can be completed satisfying the conditions are displayed with a check icon.

You can track quests in progress by clicking the quests and activating the town menu (V key).
The destination of the quest being tracked will be shown on the map as follows:

Trick set

Kirana information is put in the trick set.

menu Introduce
Kirana Tooltip It appears when you hover your mouse over a Kirana deck. Kirana’s name and type, consumed aura, summoned cooldown, trick information will be displayed.
Summoning key (number key) It is a numeric key that can summon that keychain.
Kirana Deck Kirana image, level information and status are displayed.
[Gray] This is displayed if you can not currently summon a Kirana, or if there is a lack of aura, or a Kirana that needs to be used after targeting the target. It is activated again when the target is selected or when the aura is available and summonable.
[Flashing red] The condition is ‘hungry’ and needs recovery. Summoning is possible.
[Red] Can not be summoned until the condition is restored to ‘Burnout’ condition.
Experience It means the number of each Kira’s experience value. If your experience is full, you need to level up through shard pieces.