Peria Chronicles Frequently Asked Questions

This questionnare / help center will be updated whenever new information comes out. Latest update: 2019-05-06.

[Closed Beta] General information / Schedule

The main schedule of the first Closed Beta is as follows. 

* Application period: 4/18 (Thursday) ~ 5/2 (Thursday) 23:59 
* Pioneer announcement and dictionary download: 5/8 (Wed) 11:00 
* Test period: 5/9 (Thursday) 12 (Sun) (*Time to be announced at a later date)

More information on closed beta events and promotions will be announced later.

[Closed Beta] Can I apply from a mobile phone too?

Closed Beta application requires to check the PC performance/specification and install the programs needed to check these. So you can only apply from a PC.

[Closed Beta] PC specification test is not working, can I still apply for beta?

Yes if the PC specification checker does not download / finish, just click [Next] to apply.

Recommended specs:

[Closed Beta] What are the recommended specifications?

[Closed Beta] How to join / apply for closed beta?

The deadline is May 2, 2019. You need a korean phone or korean credit card verified account. You can buy these for future tests aswell from companies who verify accounts, such as NewGameWay or OBTGame.

When will 'Peria Chronicles' be released?

The release is to be announced yet. First closed beta is happening on May 9th – 12th of 2019. Rumor has it that a Korean release might come in late 2019/2020 Winter.

What/who are 'Kirana'?

When the two worlds collided, humans(Peria) and the chaos(Araca), humans met with new entities called ‘Kiranas’. – According to the lore some Kiranas from Araca decided to enter into a bonding contract with humans to live in the world of Peria.

Kiranas will fight by your side in Peria Chronicles, however they will work is not known yet.

Is 'Peria Chronicles' a sandbox-MMORPG?

Yes, Peria was announced to be an MMORPG with many sandbox elements. We are yet to see an explanation / in-depth preview of these functions.