About the game

Peria Chronicles is an MMORPG that not only aims to enhance the experience of player to player interaction but also the elements of the game itself.

Running on an in-house developed engine, the world of Peria Chronicles, will look like a cel-shaded animation with likeable graphics.

The Kirina race you encounter in this world can be a threatening enemy or a trusty ally.
By recruiting Kirinas with various abilities you can create your own unique formation and tactic to combat your foes with.

The powerful crafting system allows players to change NPCs, buildings, and the natural environment. This way they can develop land, construct buildings, hire NPCs and thus create their own rules by making part of the world. (Further Python programming language needed for advanced customization such as Custom AI)
Your actions in Peria Chronicles will be recorded forever in its history.

The User Interface[UI] will be highly customizable by getting UI props from monsters in the game to use it for customizing the way your interface looks. These parts will be tradeable and also marketable.