Hi. It is GM Hamu

The 3rd day test has ended.
Today I went to the crack area(building zones) which was mentioned in the day 3 start guide!

As you know, if you have been to the crack area, you know that you can enter the dungeon here too?
Tomorrow must be! We recommend you to visit the dungeon that can be confirmed in the crack area!

The last 4 day schedule is the same as the start and end times of today.

┃ Sunday, May 12th 4th day schedule
– From 10:00 to 23:00
* The time may be adjusted depending on the situation of the server.

┃ Day 3 Summary
– <Crack Area> was open, all the building and player generated content was tested, during the Crack Area opening times, you can create/shape the world with Midafu(Fox) Kirana
– Crack Areas appear on the map like this and stay there for 30 minutes

– Focus on Jewelry crafting and Tailoring, Crafting System

┃ Additional Information
On the 4th day, special events will be held in the crack areas. Increasing the number of available entries into the crack area and increase the number of items in the treasure box.
Login compensation will also be greatly expanded, so you can meet more new Kiranas! I hope you will like it~

How about this cute Kirana doll?~
Do you like it!?

In addition to the Kirana dolls, Nexon Cash and cultural gift certificates will be distributed as a reward for the event participants.
[Event page]

Thank you.