Hello, this is GM Hamu.

The 2nd day of the beta has ended.

Did you try to make the food that I mentioned in the announcement on the 2nd day starting guide ~?
Hamu has been gathering hard to make food today!

Kirana’s meals are a must-use activity, so please try your hardest at the beta and collect some of the Kiranas in Archeia!

May 11th (Sat), 12th (Sun), you can play for a longer time than yesterday and today, as the last two days will be 13 hours uptime.

┃ Day 2 Summary
– More testers have been selected after the success of Day 1
– Focus on Kirana exhausting, life skilling, cooking and gathering
– Kirana guides were featured

┃ Saturday, May 11th, 12th (Sunday) Weekend test schedule 
– From 10:00 to 23:00
* The time may be adjusted depending on the situation of the server.

I would also like to have a lot of participation during the weekend!

Thank you.